Mission statement

Elbé Boshoff Audiology practice provides a variety of audiological services to individuals of all ages. The practice strives to provide excellent service that is based upon:

  • The needs of the individual
  • Sound knowledge of the field of Audiology and of recent developments within the field
  • The use of state of the art technology

Profile of Elbé Boshoff
  • Qualifications

    B. Speech Therapy and Audiology (Stellenbosch) 1992, M.S. in Speech and Hearing (Audiology) (Washington) 1995, CCC-A (USA) (1997)

    Professional experience

    Elbé spent nine years of her professional career in the United States. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis/Central Institute for the Deaf she completed a year as a Clinical Fellow at the House Ear Clinic, Inc. in Los Angeles. After that she worked as a clinical audiologist at the University of Missouri- Columbia where she was involved in a broad range of clinical audiological services. She was also in charge of the cochlear implant program. She then spent three years as a research associate at the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She has been in private practice in South Africa since 2002 and in the Table View area since 2007. She has been a guest lecturer on many occasions.

    Professional Affiliations and additional qualifications

    • Fellow, American Academy of Audiology
    • American Speech Language and Hearing Association- certified member in Audiology
    • South African Association of Audiologists (Branch chairperson 2010/2011)
    • Health Professions Council of South Africa- Registered Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist.
    • The First South African Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation Therapy Short Course, University of Cape Town (2009)


  • Delene

    Delene has many years of experience working in a medical environment. She is responsible for reception, accounts and the general administration of the practice.

Contact us

Baymed Centre
Corner of Raats Drive and Arum Road
Table View, 7441
GPS Coordinates:
[P](021) 556 9265
[C] 060 639 2504
(only available when load shedding)
[F](086) 510 6648

Our Services

Hearing tests

Hearing tests are not painful and are performed in a comfortable environment.

Hearing protection

Hearing loss due to noise exposure is highly preventable. All products are custom made from a high quality silicone or acrylic material.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices can be used in combination with hearing instruments or independently.

Central auditory processing testing.

Comprehensive testing and management.