Hearing instrument products

  • All products that are used at this practice are from companies with a proven tract record, that are internationally recognized and that conduct ongoing research. Care is taken to select companies that provide quality, state of the art hearing instruments, and excellent support and follow- up service.

Styles of hearing aids

  • Behind the ear

    The following are some examples of styles of hearing aids:

    • Behind the ear with an earmould
    • Canal receiver technology
    • Behind the ear with a slimtube
    In the ear hearing aids
    • In the ear & Canal hearing aids
    • Completely in the canal

Wireless technology

  • Wireless technology can be used in conjunction with hearing instruments.

    Bluetooth technology

    Many modern hearing instruments have the ability to receive a Bluetooth signal via the remote control of the hearing aids.

    Depending on the product the transmitter of the Bluetooth signal can be coupled directly to an audio output device, such as a TV, MP 3 player or CD player or landline phone adaptor. The signal can also be received directly from a cellphone given that the phone has Bluetooth capabilities.

    FM- Systems

    (see assistive listening devices)

Our Services

Hearing tests

Hearing tests are not painful and are performed in a comfortable environment.

Hearing protection

Hearing loss due to noise exposure is highly preventable. All products are custom made from a high quality silicone or acrylic material.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive Listening devices are devices that can be used in combination with hearing aids or independently.

Central auditory processing testing.

Comprehensive testing and management.