Assistive listening devices

  • Assistive listening devices can be used in combination with hearing instruments or independently

    FM systems

    Many children with hearing loss struggle to hear in a classroom environment. Some children with normal hearing who has ADHD, an auditory processing disorder or are easily distracted by auditory stimuli also struggle to function optimally in a typical classroom. This is often due to the presence of background noise, poor classroom acoustics and the fact that sound gets softer with distance (as the teacher moves around and away from the child in the classroom).

    An FM system may help to alleviate this problem. Depending on the specific needs personal FM systems (for use by an individual) or sound field systems (for use by more than one person, e.g. all the children in a classroom) could be used.

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Assistive listening devices

Assistive Listening devices are devices that can be used in combination with hearing aids or independently.

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