Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing loss due to noise exposure is highly preventable. There is a range of hearing protection products on the market. All products are custom made from a high quality silicone or acrylic material.

In contrast to earmuffs or over the counter products, custom made products are:

  • Moulded to the unique and individual shape of an individual’s ear canals, therefore allowing them to be closed off completely
  • Made to fit deep into the ear canals to improve the amount of protection that they can provide
  • Can be easily cleaned and are reusable

Custom made hearing protection are used by individuals who work in noisy environments, motorcycle riders, people who are involved in motor sports, musicians, hunters and people who do target shooting.

Types of Hearing Protection

A distinction is made between hearing protection with and without filters. Filters can be active or passive. The decision on which product to use will depend on how much protection is required and on whether the user would still like to hear certain sounds such a speech while wearing the hearing protection. Electronic hearing protection provides additional flexibility.

Noise Reduction Plugs

Hearing protection for use in industry, hunting, target shooting or for any activity that results in harmful levels of noise.

Motorcycle Plugs

Motorcycle plugs are made to fit comfortably under the helmet and contain a filter. It is also possible to integrate a two way communication system

Products For Musicians

Musician’s earplugs and in-ear-monitors

Swim Plugs

Ideal for people who get chronic outer ear infections, for those who need to keep water out of the ear canal due to a hole in the eardrum or because they have grommets or for certain skin conditions

Sleep Plugs

Do noisy neighbours or a spouse who snores prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep? Then custom made sleep plugs are for you. Because they are made from a very soft silicone they are extremely comfortable; you will not even know that they are in your ears!

Custom Sleeve

Is the earpiece of your i-pod or cellphone bluetooth device uncomfortable? Have it built into a custom sleeve that is made to fit to the individual shape of your earcanals


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