Diagnostic Hearing Tests

At this practice all diagnostic hearing tests are performed in a sound booth

Hearing Tests in Babies and Children

A baby’s hearing can be tested at any age. Special equipment and techniques are used depending on the age of the baby or young child. From the age of approximately seven months hearing can be tested in a fun and interactive manner. The sooner hearing loss is detected the more effective it can be treated.

Hearing Tests in Adults

During a standard hearing test an adult is required to participate in the testing. If for some reason the person is not able to do so special techniques and equipment are used to obtain the necessary information.

What is the difference between a screening test and a diagnostic test?

This practice offers hearing screening tests for babies up to the age of approximately 6 months, because it is the first step to determine whether there is potentially a hearing loss present that needs further investigation.

During an appointment for a diagnostic test a thorough case history is taken down. This, along with the information from the test, is used to  better understand the patient’s hearing and communication status. The information is also used to make a diagnosis, to make further recommendations (such as referrals to other medical professionals) or to plan treatment. The information from a diagnostic hearing test also contribute to the diagnosis of vestibular (balance) problems and tinnitus.

A diagnostic hearing test forms the basis for the selection and fitting of hearing instruments. Because of the limited information they provide, this practice does not offer hearing screening tests for children older than 6 months, young children or adults. The free hearing screening tool that is available on this site is intended to be used by adults who would like to get an idea of their hearing status in a limited capacity. It is important to understand the limitations of screening tests in general and of the free online screening tool on this website.


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