The Process Of Hearing

The process of hearing

The human ear consists of three parts namely the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. In order for us to hear sound has to travel from the outside world via our auditory system to the brain.

Sound enters the ear canal and reaches the eardrum. The sound waves vibrate the eardrum, which in turn moves the middle ear bones. The middle ear bones serve as a “bridge” between the eardrum and inner ear. When the sound waves move the middle ear bones, the signal is transmitted to the inner ear.

Nerve impulses are created and then the hearing nerve transmits the sound to the brain. The brain then translates the impulses to what we perceive as sound.

An estimated 4 million South Africans have some degree of hearing loss.
Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss is not a problem that only affects the elderly but can be found in people of all age groups.


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